16 Best Baby Monitor Apps of 2022

By Erika Holme

A baby monitoring app that you can easily install in your phones require you to use an old phone that is probably lying around in your house. This means that with the app and your old phone, you have effectively turned it into a “baby monitor camera” of sort.

Sounds like an inexpensive and convenient solution? Before we jump into the top 16 baby monitor apps for you to choose, there are certain factors that need weighing when it comes to using baby monitor apps instead of an actual baby monitor.

Pros of baby monitor apps:
– Convenient
– Less costly, especially when you have an old phone lying around
– Wifi-based, so you can view your baby remotely vs. radio baby monitors

Cons of baby monitor apps:
– Does not have the essential features (Monitoring movements, analytics, room temperature, humidity etc.)
– No night vision
– Risk of being hacked through Wifi (vs. radio baby monitor)

If you are convinced of the use of a traditional baby monitor, you can check out our article on top 10 baby monitor in 2022.

Otherwise, let’s move on and see the top 16 baby monitor app in 2022.

  1. Baby monitor app
  2. Baby monitor annie
  3. Dormi baby monitor
  4. Universal baby monitor
  5. Wifi baby monitor
  6. Cloud baby monitor
  7. Ahgoo baby monitor
  8. Baby monitor & alarm
  9. Baby monitor for iphone
  10. Facetime/Hangouts
  11. Alfred Home security camera
  12. Athome camera
  13. Air cam video
  14. Faebir baby monitor
  15. Bipfun baby monitor
  16. Wifi camera (Web of cam)

Baby Monitor App
Baby Monitor App has a one-time fee and that’s it, you get access to the app to monitor your baby. It is straightforward to use, just like an app. It doesn’t have multiple camera support, unlike Baby Monitor Annie. You can access Baby Monitor App through your home’s Wifi connection and on your Internet data.

it has lullabies and 2-way talk functions, which is useful for parents who want to soothe their baby. There is a nightlight function that helps you see your baby clearly at night but you risk waking up your child as it isn’t complete darkness.

There is an activity log which tracks the sleeping patterns of your child and allows you to replay sounds captured through the night., if any.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Baby Monitor Annie
We really like Baby Monitor Annie as it has features that closely matched a traditional baby monitor. You can access the app after making a one-time fee payment.

You can monitor up to 4 babies at one time (using 4 different phones) and an unlimited number of parent units. There is 2 way talk and lullabies functions so that you can soothe your baby. You can connect to it through your Wifi network and your Internet data.

You get to track your baby’s sleeping activities and patterns as well. Annie uses industry-standard encryption which helps in keeping your video feed safe.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Dormi Baby Monitor
Dormi works for Android phones only. It has a free version that allows you to use the app for up to 4 hours per month. You will need to get a paid subscription to use it daily. You are able to access the app through your Wifi connection and your Internet’s data.

Dormi has the ability to support multiple parent units and so you and your spouse can take turns to monitor. There is a noise level amplifier that picks up your baby’s crying and ensures that you can hear it from the app. You will get notifications even while the app is in the background with your screen off.

There is a 2 way talk function which allows you to soothe your baby with your voice.

You can download it here in Google Play.

Universal Baby Monitor
It works on iOS primarily, and you can access the app easily through Wifi connection or your Internet data. Simply set up your iPhone or iPad to be the baby camera and then you can monitor your baby.

You can use Mac or Apple Watch as the parent unit as well.

It has a 2 way talk function and it allows you to display 12 different types of animals on the screen to help your baby fall asleep. Just keep in mind that devices emit EMF and so ensure a minimum of 6 feet distance away. Do play around with it as it might make it hard for your baby to sleep instead.

It has a flash light function which honestly might deter your baby from sleeping well when used at night. 

You are able to track sleeping patterns and review them later on iCloud.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Wifi Baby Monitor

There are multiple versions inside this app. The free version isn’t useful at all as it cuts every 30 minutes. If you are considering using this, do choose the monthly subscription as it works across Wifi networks and Internet data.

There is 2 way talk function and it supports tracking of temperature and humidity in your baby’s room.

You can download it here in Google Play.

Cloud Baby Monitor
We have reviewed it in this article. It works on iOS and you an easily access it throughout the Apple products. You can even use bluetooth to access your video and audio feeds.

There is an one-time payment. It has lullabies and the option to play white noises. Do play around to see which aids your baby’s sleep.

You can easily adjust the brightness of the night light although I like my baby to sleep in complete darkness. You can use Cloud on 2 parent units and up to 2 babies at the same time.

You can download it here in Apple Store.

Ahgoo Baby Monitor
This is an iOS app and it is straightforward to use. There isn’t much updates recently and we worry about its compatibility with the latest iOS devices.

Ahgoo allows you to connect over your Wifi network and the Internet data. It has a QR code to connect the baby camera with the parent unit, which is easy to setup.

Ahgoo doesn’t have lullabies though.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Baby Monitor & Alarm
This is an Android app and involves an one-time fee to use the app. We’ve not seen any updates since 2015 so parents who are using the latest models please check.

It doesn’t actually live stream video of your baby. What it does is to send you an alert notification if your baby made a noise.

You can play lullabies or your own music to soothe your baby. It also allows you to record your own voice and play it back to your baby.

There is an activity tracker that shows you what happened so that you can review it the end of the their sleep.

You can download it here in Google Play.

Baby Monitor for iPhone
The free version doesn’t have a live video feed of your baby but instead sends you an SMS whenever your baby wakes up.

With a monthly subscription, you get to see a live video feed. It also comes with lullabies, 2 -way talk and a flashlight. It picks up noises like crying so that you will be alerted when something happened.

You can download it here in Apple Store.

If all you want is a basic live video feed of your baby, you can use some of native video calling apps in Apple and Google, including Skype.

Try to reduce the brightness of the baby camera so that it doesn’t keep your baby from sleeping. You will have to keep the baby camera charged by plugging in and you have to keep the app running in the parent unit.

It doesn’t run in the background so that might be annoying to use. However, this is free and it has good video & audio connection, not much you can complain about if you ask me.

Alfred Home Security Camera
This app is built as a home security app, but it can be used as a baby monitoring device as well. It works well on Wifi network and Internet data. The app records baby activities so that you can review them. There is free cloud storage for your data. It has 2 walk talk and zooming functions.

There is a monthly subscription fee for the additional features, while the free version only gives you limited features.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

At Home Camera
As a home surveillance camera, At Home Camera does some amazing things. Firstly, it can track the difference between shadows and actual humans. This allows them to reduce false alarms created by mere shadows. Also, it has the ability to recognize family members and detect unfamiliar faces.

You are able to use the app with ads for free, and only pay $0.99 to purchase the app. It uses industry standard peer to peer encryption to ensure that your data is safe. There are additional features if you are pairing it with a IP camera instead.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

BipFun Baby Monitor
This is a straightforward baby monitor app that can connect to both Wifi connection and Internet data. It has a 2 way talk function and a nightlight. Do note that the nightlight might stop your baby from sleeping at night, so you might need to test it.

You can get a 30-day free trial with this app.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Wifi Camera (Web of Cam)
This app can only be connected through a Wifi connection and so you won’t be able to access it remotely through Internet data. It also supports multi-parent units. It has good encryption to ensure that your data is securely transmitted. The app is free.

You can download it here in Google Play or Apple Store.

Air Cam Video
This is an iOS app that is used for home surveillance but can double up as a baby monitor. It can be connected through Wifi connection and Internet data, which makes it easy to use remotely. It supports multiple parental units and it can be used on Mac and Apple watch.

It allows you to record and track activities. It costs $7.99 to use the app.

You can download it here in Apple Store.

Faebir Baby Monitor
This is a easy to use, audio-only baby monitor app that works in Android. It is free to use and it has no ads. It works in the background which makes it easy for you to receive alerts and notifications.

You can download it here in Google Play.

Safety of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones emits EMF much like baby monitor devices. To prevent EMF from harming your baby, parent should keep the mobile phones at least 6 feet away from your baby. For mobile phones, the use of a tripod is helpful to secure it without dropping it, which prevents damage.

You can read more on the radiation of baby monitors article to learn more.