Choosing The Best Dual Baby Monitors?

By Erika Holme

What Dual Baby Monitor Do You Need?

When parents are looking at buying dual baby monitor, they are looking at buying a video baby monitor setup with multiple cameras.

There are specific instances that require multiple cameras, if you have multiple rooms or multiple kids that need monitoring. For parents who have twins or triplets, you might require different cameras pointing at different cribs.

Then, there are parents with children of close age group that require different cameras in different rooms. Also, you might need additional cameras just to double off as a home security and surveillance system on top of monitoring your babies.

dual camera baby monitor

Video and Audio Quality

Nowadays, cameras are of the 1080p HD quality in most of the smart and higher-end baby monitors. Most of them will allow you to zoom in and out.

However, not all have the ability to remotely pan and tilt as they are setup in an overhead view, which gives it the ability to capture the view of entire baby crib.

There are other baby monitors with 780p camera quality, which still does a pretty good job of giving you a clear view. You have to compare it with other criteria to see what is required for your dual or multiple cameras needs.

Display Screen Size

A big screen for the parent unit is important in dual camera baby monitors as it allows you to view each camera’s view with ease. Depending on your needs, you could find a display size range between 3-5 inches. Personally, a 5-inch screen with good camera quality is as good as it gets.

Also, if you are using your phone’s app as the parent unit, then the display screen will be as big as your phone screen.

best dual baby monitor

 Split Screen Function For Dual View 

Recent baby monitors allow you to easily add on multiple cameras into your parent unit. But not all of them offer split-screen functions. So what you get here is to view one camera’s view at a time.

When you are viewing that camera, you only get to access the audio or the 2-way talk function of that particular camera view. Some give you the ability to auto-rotate and cycle between camera views.

Depending on your needs, a split-screen function might be useful if you find switching between views troublesome. If that is the case, you can take a look at Motorola MBP50-G2 video monitor and DBpower video baby monitor. Both of which have split-screen functions.

Dual Camera Baby Monitor Out of The Box?

Most of the time you will have to purchase additional cameras as most baby monitors come with just 1 camera. For Babysense baby monitor, it has 2 cameras right out of the box. And, you can pair up to 4 cameras to 1 parent unit with that.

Nowadays, it is pretty straightforward and convenient to purchase additional cameras. For those who do not want the hassle of purchasing additional cameras separately, you might find it convenient to purchase Babysense baby monitor.

dual view baby monitor

Other Factors

The range is another factor for parents to consider. Think about it, if you have multiple cameras in different rooms looking after multiple children, you will need a good range to receive connections from different locations of your house.

The walls, interferences, size of your house, and obstacles will differ from house to house, which will affect your indoor range. Baby monitors manufacturers only provide an open field range, which is pretty inaccurate as compared to your indoor range. You can read more in our long-range baby monitor article.

The ease of porting over cameras is important as well. With multiple kids, you might need to re-adjust the camera angle and positioning as they grow up. Find baby monitors that are easy to assemble onto the stand, tripod, or clips. This ensures that you can easily shift cameras around if you have the need to adjust your view of your baby.

Final Thoughts

Besides having dual or multiple cameras in your baby monitors, do take a look at other smart features that are in popular smart baby monitors like Nanit Plus. It allows you to attach up to 3 additional cameras (4 in total) and you can access all of it through your phone’s app.

If you are considering purely on a dual baby monitor basis, we have reviewed VAVA over here. It allows up to 4 cameras, is reasonably priced, and has quite some features which parents would love.