Cubo AI Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Cubo AI baby monitor came to the scenes with its very own Kickstarter campaign.

You get people’s attention in a Kickstart campaign if your product is very attractive or packs with features that people want. So what you get as a finished product in Cubo AI is an absolutely delightful product design with a clean user interface with excellent picture quality.

It is also an enjoyable experience unboxing it and it is probably one of the cutest baby monitors out there in the market, which reminds me of the Lollipop baby monitor.

Our General Review Experience

It has one of the best video sensors in the market. Cubo AI’s smart features include covered face alert and the ability to define danger zone alerts, which can extend to the entire baby room.

They have worked on small product details like flattening their USB cable to prevent strangulations by baby and using a unique bird chirping notification sound to differentiate its notification with other notifications on your phone.

You can easily turn off Cubo AI’s camera during the day without the need to unplug the camera which a lot of Wifi-based baby monitors did not include in their product. Also, what is interesting is that their floor stand uses a water balloon as a stabilizer. Altogether, you get to choose between floor stand, mounting on your baby’s crib, or to be placed on shelves with a shelf stand.

You can’t play lullabies with Cubo AI, which is known to be important to certain parents who use lullabies to guide their babies to sleep. Also, it does not have adequate features in the health tracking & analytics department as compared to Nanit Plus.

As Cubo AI is competing against smart baby monitors at the higher end of the price range, it does not provide enough insights to assist in your baby’s sleep although it does provide some form of smart alert in covered face alert and defining danger zone alert.

Picture/Audio Quality

Cubo AI has excellent picture quality in its 1080p wide-angle lens, produced by Sony. You are able to see clearly even when you are zooming in and out. It does not allow you to pan and tilt as you can capture everything accurately if you mounted the camera directly overhead and on top of your baby.

The audio quality is impeccable as well. You can easily switch to night vision and get an excellent image quality. What is interesting is that there are no red lights when switched to night vision unlike many other baby monitors.

We have a smooth video transmission experience with Cubo AI. From our experience with using Wifi baby monitors, as long as your wifi connection is stable, there will not be much interference with the camera’s video transmission.

Also, you can easily give and take back remote access to other people like your babysitter or other family members. This feature makes it easy for you to watch your babysitter while having peace of mind running errands and sharing key updates to your family members without needing them to travel down to your house.

Camera installation

So, you are able to install your camera to either the floor stand, shelf stand, or the crib attachment. Regardless of the options, you will need the camera to be pointing directly at the center of the crib to make sure that it is capturing accurately.

As you are not able to adjust the view between landscape and portrait view, do install it properly the first time. You can easily attach and detach the camera from either of the stands, which makes it easy to bring Cubo AI to travel. Their power cables are also safely hidden within the floor stand and crib attachment, which is important as you want to prevent babies from tugging at the cables and face strangulation risks.

Mobile app (Parent unit)

Cubo AI’s parent unit/mobile app is intuitively designed and has a beautiful user experience. Inside the app, you get to view the live video feed once you log in. You are able to take photos, record videos, and talk to your baby. You can also view the past few hours’ recording of your baby to see if you missed anything. When night time comes, you get to see a clear night view in the app and there are no red lights.

There are 3 tabs: Home, Alerts, and Settings which can be found at the bottom of the app and Home being the default view where you get to view your live video feed.

Cubo AI has VOX mode. You are able to conserve battery by keeping the screen off and activated by voice. Also, you are able to keep the app live in the background of your phone with your screen off and only listening to the audio of your baby.

Next, the Alerts tab gives you a chronological list of what the baby monitor has tracked. It includes any covered face alert, crying alert, and if the room temperature or humidity falls to a certain level. This provides a good overview and a general sense of what happened to your baby.

Then, the Settings tab gives you access to the key basic settings of the app where you can make changes. It also the place where you can define the crib detection area, which determines where the camera is capturing your baby.

Camera’s Security

Wi-fi baby monitors are more prone to hacking due to the usage of Wi-fi, which exposes them if hackers managed to breach your router’s security. Wi-fi baby monitors do not need you to be in the proximity of the camera to gain access to video and audio, which is different from encrypted radio signals like FHSS and DECT.

Read our baby monitor hacking article to learn more about hacking prevention. That said, Cubo AI has enhanced the security of their baby monitor by using a 256-bit symmetric-key encryption that can only be accessed by your authenticated device.

Health and Safety

Cubo AI is FCC certified, which means that its electromagnetic exposure is kept under limits as determined by the Federal Communications Commission.

As wifi baby monitors use only the wifi connection to stream audio and video, it reduces overall electromagnetic exposure as compared to FHSS and DECT signals which add additional exposure on top of Wi-fi connection. Read our radiation exposure article to find out what to do.


Cubo AI baby monitor has put together a beautifully designed product and has finishing touches like removing red lights during night vision and having flattened USB cables to prevent strangulations etc. that showed a superior user experience.

It has adequate smart features like tracking your baby’s covered face and creating danger zone alerts. It belongs to the smart baby monitor category with its higher-end price range. Comparing it to other similar smart category baby monitors like Nanit Plus, it lacks in more sophisticated analytics tracking.

Nevertheless, with its sleek interface and consumer-centric product designs, Cubo AI baby monitor is one of the smart baby monitors to watch.