Do You Prefer Long Range Baby Monitors?

By Erika Holme

Is Wifi-Based Baby Monitor The Longest Range Baby Monitor?

The newer generations of smart baby monitors use Wifi connection to stream video and audio from the camera. Through the parent unit, which can be an app, Wifi baby monitors like Nanit Plus have unlimited range, technically, which makes it the longest range baby monitor.

However, if you have not secured your Wifi network according to Wifi best practices, your devices (not just baby monitors) might open you up to potential hacking. Your Wifi baby monitor depended on your Wifi’s signal strength.

If the connection is good, things are good. If your connection is flaky and keeps getting cut off, your baby monitor will be equally affected.

However, other than Wifi baby monitors, there are radio baby monitors that has reliable long range. In this article, we will explore the key factors which affects the range of baby monitors.

long range baby monitor video

Manufacturer’s Open Field Range

Before we start, I will like to highlight that when manufacturers state their range in their product packaging, they tested it in an open field.  This means that they tested the range of the baby monitor with nothing in between the parent unit and camera.

However, most of us parents use baby monitors in an indoor setting. There are obstacles in between the parent unit and camera, which is a different story as compared to an open field.

You can expect the actual range to be 10-20 times lower than what manufacturers’ actually claimed, depending on the number of interferences, walls, or obstacles in between your house setup.

Unlike the open field, the indoor range is affected by the thickness of walls, number of walls in between, other obstructions, electrical wirings, other devices, and distance.

The typical range of baby monitors falls between 600 – 1000 feet. There are some that have a longer range than that and can go up to 2000 or more.

long range baby monitor audio

Does Audio Baby Monitors Give The Best Range?

Well, for a start, you do not have to worry about the loss of Wifi or Bluetooth connection as audio baby monitors use the wireless 2.4GHz connection. It does give you a better range.

For video baby monitors, if you walked too far away from the camera, you will see a drop in the video quality despite the quality of the camera. This is true even if it claimed a longer range.

What About Bluetooth Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology can give you a wider range of up to 3000 ft in range. However if you really priortize long range, you can use walkie talkies, and use them as a baby monitor as well.

To do that, you have to do without some of the typical features of a baby monitor for e.g. videos, lullabies, remote access, etc.

best long range baby monitor

What other factors affect the range?

It depends on the brand of baby monitor. Different brands give you different results.

While testing the baby monitor’s range in your house’s setup, do check to see if there is an out of range notification or beeping alert in the baby monitor. You do not want to be caught in a situation where the baby monitor’s screen freezes when it gets out of range without you knowing.

Interference from neighbor’s devices or your other devices sharing the same frequencies can lead to a drop in clarity.

You also want to check on the signal strength and test it to see how far away before if it gets choppy. There is no point in having a long-range baby monitor with choppy signals.

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 Size of Your House

If you live in a bigger house, you might consider using a wifi baby monitor or a radio monitor that can cover an indoor range that includes walls, obstructions, and interferences. If you are looking to do some woodworks or gardening in your yard & garage, the use of a long-range baby monitor is crucial when your baby is asleep in another part of your house.

If you live in an apartment or a small house, the standard range of 600-1000 feet would work for you as you are relatively close to your baby.

If you live in a bigger house with its own yard, you might require more than 1000 feet range such that when you head out to your yard, you will still be able to receive a connection.

Final Thoughts on Long Range Baby Monitors

There are no known ways of extending the range of a baby monitor other than to depend on the initial range developed by the manufacturers. You might be able to reduce interference from other devices sharing the same 2.4GHz connection but that’s about all.

Always remember that the objective of a baby monitor is not to take over the roles of you as the caregiver. Longer range is supposed to give you some flexibility when you are in a bigger house to get things done without losing attention on your baby.

So either settle for the Wifi/Bluetooth baby monitors and put your trust in their respective connections. Or you can go for audio baby monitors and get a reliable long-range in the signal. You still have to test it as your interferences, size of the house and house setup differ.