Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

The Eufy Spaceview baby monitor came into the scenes in 2018. However, Eufy has been in the smart home automation and smart security cameras market prior to bringing their expertise into the baby monitor market.

What stands out is its modern and fun design which kept all of its functionalities in an intuitive and simple to use user interface. You can’t go wrong as Eufy Spaceview works out of the box. As it is not a Wifi based, you do not have to worry about configuring network connections. The camera streams video directly to your parent unit in clear quality images using radio frequency.

It has a good signal range to use in bigger houses, which is important for a radio-based baby monitor.

Eufy Camera’s Picture/Audio Quality

Eufy Spaceview baby monitor has a 720p picture resolution that works well in both daylight and low light conditions. It comes with a wide-angle lens which gives you additional visibility over the entire baby room. The camera has a 330 degree to see corner-to-corner and tilt 110 degrees to capture floor-to-ceiling.

You are able to add additional cameras to the setup. However, you can only view one camera view at a time and not a split-screen.

Eufy Spaceview has a collection of 5 lullabies that parents can play for their babies come night time. As per our tests, even at the lowest audio level, the lullabies are loud and might stop certain babies from sleeping. Parents do need to test to see if the lullabies can help their baby is sleeping.

Temperature is alright but not as accurate as Nanit

Camera Installations

It is pretty straightforward to install Eufy baby monitor. You can simply wall mount the camera or place it on a shelf or table. As mentioned, it comes with an extra wide-angle lens right out of the box which we attached to the camera directly.

If you require additional cameras, you can easily purchase them here (link). Do note that you can only link multiple cameras to 1 parent unit and not 1 camera to multiple parent unit.

Parent unit

We really like its clean and simple user interface that is not cluttered with clunky buttons.

Eufy’s parent unit comes with a 5-inch display which is a pretty good display size for parents to comfortably view. You can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom using the parent unit. It comes with a stand which makes it easy to place on a table without holding the parent unit.

It has an up to 460 ft signal range but if you need additional signal power, there is a retractable antenna.

During the night, you can easily off the screen of the baby monitor to conserve battery. Its NOX function will pick up noise made in your baby’s room and automatically switch on the screen so that you can view what’s going on.

Security & EMF Exposure

Eufy baby monitor runs by an encrypted FHSS signal. The advantage of a radio baby monitor is that it can’t be hacked through wifi. This makes it safer in terms of security and privacy.

The Camera connects through a wireless 2.4GHz FHSS connection. Do place the camera a safe distance away from your baby to avoid EMF exposure.

The Verdict

It can be seen that a lot of work has been done to make this an improvement over Infant Optics DX-8, which makes it one of the better non-wifi video baby monitors out in the market. The ease of setting up Eufy Spaceview and its clean user interface makes it a really popular baby monitor option for parents who wants a convenient and quality user experience.