Graco True Focus Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Graco True Focus is a video baby monitor that is on the cheaper end. We did not like its 2.4 inch display size and its range connectivity. Check out Eufy for a more well-rounded baby monitor with more features, larger screen and better range connectivity.

***Graco True Focus has been discontinued. ***

Display Size

We find the display size a little disappointing as it is only 2.4 inch. There was a time when 3.5 inch display is a good display size for baby monitors. Now, there are baby monitors with 5 inch display size, which makes Graco True Focus’ 2.4 inch display size really small.

Signal Strength

Graco True Focus claims that its baby monitor can get range of up to 1,000 feet in open field. However, in your house which has obstacles and walls, realistically it can reach up to a range of 200 feet. There are customers who feedback that with thick concrete walls in their house, the signal can only handle a range of up to 20 feet.

For parents who are concerned with signal strength, Graco True Focus baby monitor will not be helpful.


Graco True Focus uses 2.4GHz wireless FHSS encrypted signal, which makes it hard for hackers to hack as they have to be in local proximity and to decode the encryption. Using this signal instead of using Wifi also reduces interferences with other devices using the same Wifi network.


The wireless connection does emit EMF which is harmful to babies. Do keep at least 6 feet in terms of the distance between your baby and the device. Read more about baby monitor radiation in our article if you are concerned.

The parent unit also emits EMF so keep it at least 3 feet away from you when you sleep.

Final Verdict
Although it is one of the cheaper models of video baby monitor under $50, Graco True Focus did not perform as well in regards to its display size and the range connectivity. A better option is to go bare and make do with an audio-only baby monitor like VTech DM111.

If you are able to spend more for better features, you can consider Eufy Spaceview baby monitor which outperforms Graco True Focus.