How to safely place your baby monitor at home

By Erika Holme

We know that as parents, we are very careful with what we place in the baby’s room. Everything must look perfect from our point of view. Some of us even choose baby monitors whose designs fit in the room.

For baby monitors especially, there are other concerns like the emission of electromagnetic frequencies and the invasion of privacy through hacking. The placement of baby monitors thus place an important role. In today article, we will be discussing the ideal and safest location in your baby’s room to place the baby monitor.

All it boils down to is these 2 factors:
1. The camera angle
2. Health and safety concerns

Camera Angles

The camera angles are very important it comes to capturing the full range of activities. You want to have a clear overview of your baby in the baby’s crib. Baby monitors like Nanit Plus and Eufy have the widest viewing angles which ensure that you get that unobstructed and clear overview of your baby.

There are baby monitors that come with remote pan and tilt functions, which is perfect for babies who have grown older and with parents needing to monitor their movements beyond the baby crib. Remote zoom function is useful when you use a wide-angle camera.

Health and Safety Concerns

Baby monitors emit electromagnetic frequencies. We recommend that you place the baby monitor at least 6 feet away from your baby. This is the minimum safety distance that is required to protect your baby.

And baby monitors’ power cables are a source of strangulation risks for babies so do make sure that they are either properly covered or tagged away to prevent babies from getting entangled with it during one of their curiosity runs.

Where is the perfect spot for my baby monitor?

So if you take into account the safety distance required to account for the emission of EMF radiation, and then the perfect camera angle to capture all the range of your baby’s activities. Plus, you have ensured that the sounds are being transmitted smoothly.

You have taken care of the power cables to ensure that there are no strangulation risks.

We recommend these spots for your baby monitors.

First spot: Wall mount your baby monitor

In our opinion, the best spot is to wall mount your baby monitor near the ceiling. This gives you a wide coverage of your entire baby’s crib and also ensures the safety distance. It is definitely out of reach for your baby but does make sure to take care of the power cables as mentioned.

For some of the recent smart baby monitors like Nanit Plus and Cubo AI, it is a required installation to wall mount their baby monitors because of how they work in terms of capturing analytics through their camera.

Second spot: Mount high on a shelf or wardrobe

If you are unable to mount it on the wall, you can place it high on a shelf or wardrobe. You might need to adjust the angle a few times to ensure that you have adequate height to capture the perfect viewing angle. Feel free to manually stack up books or boxes to elevate the baby monitor, especially when your baby monitor does not have remote pan, tilt, and zoom functions.

Do note that when your baby gets older, the safety distance and camera’s position will change. Do take this into account and adjust accordingly.

Where you shouldn’t place your baby monitor?

We have seen that certain baby monitor brands have included in their product design ways to easily attach baby monitors onto the crib. These seem like a convenient way to monitor your baby but it is too close for our liking.

Firstly, it isn’t outside of the safety distance of at least 6 feet away from babies to prevent EMF exposure. Second, it brings closer the risk of strangulation as the power cables are being exposed to babies when it is attached to the crib.

How to wall mount your baby monitor?

Included in the user manuals are detailed instructions to easily wall-mount baby monitors. If need be, read baby monitor’s user manual before purchasing. Nowadays, manufacturers have simplified the process and include brackets with easy markings.

You do have to check for the viewing angle and sound with someone else holding the camera to ensure that you have determine the right location. Then, mark out the areas where you will need to be drilling. Drill the marked out areas and you can reference the installation sheet that comes with the product.

There will be a base for you to attach to the wall. Ensure that the base is properly installed and then you can then attach the camera to the base.


We have looked through the safety distance, strangulation risks and the ideal locations to place your baby monitors. This is in our opinion the best ways to mount your baby monitor without losing any of its effectiveness.

One last tip that we have for parents is that for newborns, it is optimal to place baby monitors vertically to babies. This ensures an overhead view of your baby as they have limited range of movements.

Once they grow older or if they are able to start roaming in the baby room, it is better to use a slightly lower angle to get a better view of your baby.