iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

The iBaby Care M7 is probably one of the baby monitors that packs the most features into itself. Being feature-rich also mean that it is priced at the higher range. It comes with excellent image and audio quality. It has a lullabies and bedtime stories library which you can easily choose from to soothe your baby.

Also, it has TVOC tracking, which we will explain in further detail but in general, picks up on smell. This is a baby monitor suited for parents who are familiar with smartphones and don’t mind geeking it out.

General Review

My first impression is that it has a pretty bulky camera.

If you quickly dive into its features, you can quickly see that it has 2-way talk functions, lullabies, infrared night vision, remote pan & tilt night light and can even smell if your baby pooped with its TVOC tracking.

Also, parents will get alert notifications in iBaby Care M7 mobile app when it is time to change your baby’s diapers, feed your baby, and when it detects noise or movements in the baby’s crib. You can easily add multiple users e.g. babysitters or family members so that they can access the baby monitor through the mobile app.

With the features comes the heavy price tag. If you are looking for something less expensive and simpler to use, you can consider Eufy. If not, its M6S model costs half the price with similar features except TVOC tracking and night light.

Image/Audio Quality

It has an excellent image and audio quality. iBaby Care M7 has a 1080p camera resolution, which is just about the highest you can get amongst higher price range baby monitors. You can have a smooth video streaming experience if you have a reliable Wifi connection.

As per most Wifi baby monitor that comes with a mobile app, you can remotely view your camera’s live feed while your family member or babysitter is taking care of your child at home.

It has an infrared night vision feature and the baby monitor automatically switches to night mode once it detects dim light in your baby’s room. Parents will be able to view clearly with or without light.

You can also remotely pan, tilt, and zoom its camera right within the mobile app. You can tilt up to a 360° angle horizontally to get a complete end to end view of your baby’s room. This means that you can place the camera anywhere in the room without limiting the installation to certain corners or angles.

We also observe that while panning and tilting the camera, it is pretty quiet and this helps in not disturbing your baby’s sleep.

2 Way Talk Function

With iBaby Care M7, you can simply press the microphone button (in your mobile app) and you can access the microphone embedded within the camera to communicate with your little ones.

Play any Music or Lullabies

Many baby monitors have included lullabies into their baby monitor as many parents use it to soothe their baby. You can literally play lullabies through your mobile app. iBaby Care M7 comes with its own lullabies and bedtime stories library, but you can easily play any lullabies or sounds through your own music library.

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)

As mentioned above, iBaby Care M7 has this air quality control, which is really unique as baby monitors mostly track humidity and room temperature. The mobile app will send alert notifications to you if they discover volatile organic compounds like Benzene and ethanol etc. in your baby’s room. This is an additional feature that might interest parents who are concerned with air quality.


As iBaby Care M7 streams the video and audio feed through Wifi connection, your security and privacy are only as strong as your Wifi connection gets. If hackers managed to get past your router’s security then you will get hacked. Read our article on hacking prevention of baby monitor’s to learn more.


As the only signal that emits EMF is your Wifi connection, this reduces the total EMF exposure as compared to baby monitors which use FHSS or DECT signal on top of their Wifi connection. It is best to place your camera at least 6 feet away from your baby’s crib to be safe.

The Verdict

iBaby Care M7 is a suitable product for parents who want a lot of features and is tech-savvy. With its 1080p camera resolution, remote pan & tilt and unique TVOC feature that tracks smell, parents can easily monitor their baby.

However, it comes with a heavy price tag as well, which parents might find that they can do away with some of the features. Also, it doesn’t come with sleep or baby analytics like Nanit Plus. If you are looking for a less expensive model that is simpler to use, check out Eufy.