Levana Alexa Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Lenava Alexa baby monitor gives you a nice 5-inch display size and the ability to add up to 3 additional cameras with ease. It comes with features like customizable feeding, napping time alert, the ability to use night vision, and check the room temperature.

What is really lacking with Lenava Alexa is its relatively short signal range. Based on our testing, it can reach up to approximately 120 feet, which can be adequate for a small apartment. Other than that, parents with bigger houses will struggle with the signal range.

Lenava Alexa lacks in camera quality as well, which does not do justice to its 5-inch display. Although parents can add additional cameras, you can only view one camera’s view at any point. You have to manually switch the camera’s view.

There are baby monitors like Motorola MBP36S which offers split-screen viewing or Infant Optics DXR-8 which auto switches camera views. This might be important for parents with multiple kids in multiple rooms. If not, it is more of a preference than a must.

Image & Audio Quality

The audio quality is decent as you are able to hear clearly. The image quality suffers as Lenava Alexa’s camera uses a 480 X 272 display resolution, which is the resolution on smaller screens but doubly stretched on the 5-inch display. Parents are still able to see their baby on the parent unit, but for this Lenava Alexa is not suitable for parents who care about camera resolutions.

There is night vision function included and it can automatically switch to night vision when it detects dim light. You are still able to view your baby at night with its night vision.

You can easily adjust the volume and display buttons in the parent unit. You can turn off the camera view in your display unit (saves battery) and keep the audio on while you are sleeping at night. There is a VOX function included so that it picks up noises from your baby’s room.

Signal strength

Lenava Alexa uses a wireless 2.4GHz FHSS signal and has a signal range of 500 feet in an open field, but only approximately 120 feet in houses with interferences, objects, and walls. These limitations make it hard for parents with big houses or with baby rooms that are further apart.

2-way Communication

You are able to press a button and communicate directly with your baby through Lenava Alexa’s in-built speaker.

Battery Life

Lenava Alexa has pretty decent battery life as it can last up to 8-9 hours without you plugging in. This is perfect for parents who want their baby monitor to last through nap times without constantly needing to charge the batteries.

If you screen is off and on standby, it can even last up to 11 hours without any need to charge. For overnight use, you will still have to plug in and charge it. It takes about 5 hours to be fully charged, and your monitor will alert you when it is full.

No lullabies and no remote pan, tilt and zoom

You are not able to play lullabies in this baby monitor. Some parents require lullabies to soothe their baby to sleep and if you need it, Lenava Alexa doesn’t have this feature. Also, it doesn’t allow you to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera.


Lenava Alexa uses an encrypted FHSS radio signal that significantly lowers the risk of being hacked as hackers need to be in proximity. Unlike Wifi baby monitors, hackers can’t get to Lenava simply by hacking the router’s security.


Lenava Alexa connects the camera to the parent unit through the wireless 2.4GHz signal, which emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). To be safe, it is best to keep it at least 6 feet away from your baby. The parent unit emits EMF as well, so if you are concerned for yourself, keep a distance to it when you are sleeping.

Do read our article on baby monitor radiation to learn more.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a straightforward and easy to use baby monitor that can be set up without much fuss.

Lenava Alexa is a non-Wifi baby monitor with the cheapest 5-inch display that you can find out in the market. It gives you the ability to add additional cameras easily. However, it lacks in signal range and camera quality which makes Eufy a better option for parents who want a bigger sized screen with the ability to add on additional cameras to the parent unit without sacrificing signal range and camera quality.