Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Lollipop baby monitor gives you an adorable looking baby monitor that has a bendable stick which makes it easy to mount on walls or onto the crib. With half the price of Nanit Plus, you get an affordable baby monitor that has reliable and useful features.

Lollipop’s mobile app comes with a subscription-free service when a lot of the higher-end smart baby monitors charge for a subscription to their analytics or cloud services. It has a clean and sleek product packaging which will probably entice parents with their branding.

And, it is made of toxic-free silicone.

General Review of Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop has excellent camera quality and a good user interface in its mobile app. Their privacy settings give parents the option to only stream the video and audio signal within their local Wi-fi network, which reduces the risk of being hacked.

There is an option to turn off the screen and keep the audio mode on at night. This allows you to conserve battery while having the flexibility to turn on the video mode when the camera detects crying sounds from your baby.

What is really cool about the Lollipop baby monitor is it allows you to add an unlimited number of cameras into the mobile app. You can only view 2 cameras streaming at once in a split-screen view but you can easily swipe left and right to switch to the other camera views.

Because of how Lollipop baby monitor is being designed, it is really easy to bring it along with you during your travels or to port it to another room. As the camera is synced with your mobile app, your installation process can be done in a breeze.

Lollipop has an addon which is a temperature and humidity sensor that tracks the temperature and humidity in the room. It is a worthwhile addition to your Lollipop setup if you are concerned with these factors.

Picture & Audio Quality

Lollipop’s camera quality is 720p, which is slightly lower than the 1080p camera quality of higher-end baby monitors. However, it still looks good and of higher quality as compared to other non-Wifi baby monitors, which is nearer to Lollipop’s price range.

It has a smooth video streaming experience as long as your Wifi connection is stable. As the mobile app can be accessed via the Internet, this means that you be out of your house and remotely view your baby as your babysitter pats them to sleep.

The camera also automatically switches between day and night vision based on the dim light that it senses. Its infrared night vision allows you to see clearly at night.

You can’t remotely pan and tilt the camera but you can easily pinch and zoom within the mobile app to see clearly on the live video feed. If you have set up your camera correctly overlooking the entire crib, you can do without the pan and tilt function as it captures everything within the crib.

Two Way Talk Feature

Lollipop has an option that allows you to speak to your baby through the inbuilt speaker. You can simply press on the microphone button. Also, the audio is being tagged to the camera view, so you can be sure that you are communicating with the right view.

Besides a 2 way talk, you are able to access other detection features like temperature, humidity, noise, crying, air quality, and crossing.

Other features: Lullabies & White Noises & Background Music

Lollipop has inbuilt lullabies and white noises much like many other baby monitors. It has become an important feature for some parents whose babies require soothing noises to sleep well. You have a few classical music options to choose from. If you prefer, you can choose background music like water sounds, sea wave sounds, and even womb sounds.


As Lollipop is streaming the video feed via Wifi-connection, it exposes it to a certain hacking risk as hackers can gain access if they got past your router’s security. Unlike FHSS and DECT signals which are encrypted and require local proximity, Wifi baby monitors give you the ability to access your camera from elsewhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Do read our hacking article to learn more about this.

To reduce hacking risk, Lollipop allows you to switch to the local Wifi connection. We recommend parents use this as default and only use other Wifi networks if you are not in your house. Also, do note that you are not able to access other features like Amazon’s cloud services which can keep records of your baby’s videos and certain baby events captured by Lollipop if you are using the local Wifi connection.


As mentioned, if you want to reduce the EMF exposure emitted by baby monitors, do keep Lollipop at least 6 feet away from your baby. This applies to all other devices that emit signals.

You can read more about baby monitor emitting radiation article here.

The Verdict

Lollipop baby monitor is the best option that you can get for under $150, period. For one, it looks more like a really playful looking toy rather than a baby monitor, which instantly brightens up your baby’s room. It comes in interesting colors like Turquoise, Cotton Candy, and Pistachio.

For parents who want an affordable baby monitor that is tastefully designed and has reliable features, the Lollipop baby monitor does that for you.