Miku Smart Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Miku Smart Baby Monitor – $399

In today’s world, the baby monitor industry is getting smarter as it uses machine learning and the Internet of Things. The baby monitors today not only help parents monitor their baby’s every action and movements, but it also provides analysis and personalized recommendations into their sleep patterns and more.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor entered the baby monitor industry with its own take on what they can do better. Miku has created the first baby monitor that can track your baby’s breathing without touching your baby. It is one of the fastest baby monitors in terms of tracking the baby’s breathing accurately.

Non-contact Breathing Tracking

Their newly patented SensorFusion technology does just that.

Their sensors are able to pick up your baby’s breathing accurately, even through a blanket or thick pajamas. The app will provide you with a notification alert if they pick up any issues with your baby’s breathing. This is really helpful if you are worried about SDS.

The best part of this is that you absolutely do not have to attach any breathing trackers, cables, or wearables to your baby. Not all parents like the idea of having tech cables or devices skin-close to their baby as there are always concerns about electromagnetic radiation.

Camera’s Picture/Audio Quality

Miku has a 1080p HD camera quality, which many of the top tier baby monitors uses. What Miku did differently is to secure a partnership with Ole Wolff to include their dual speaker. That produces a really good sound quality which helps when you want to speak to your baby or when playing white noises.

Miku Camera Installation

To get the best and most accurate effect on tracking your baby with Miku, you should mount the camera on top of your baby’s bed. You could also purchase their floor stand (sold separately on their website) to achieve the same effects. A custom screwdriver is included in the box to assist parents in the camera installation.

Mobile App and Security

Not surprisingly, Miku’s mobile app has a clean user interface which makes it easy for parents to get around Miku’s functions.

In terms of security, Miku baby monitor uses an AES 256 bit encryption when transmitting data and has a tamper-proof chip that protects data and its key security functions. When under hacking threats, Miku will immediately erase all data and reset all keys to protect your privacy.

For Wifi Baby monitor like Miku, security, and privacy are key issues that need to be taken care of. Miku excels in this area with its many privacy and security measures.

The Verdict

We really like the fact that Miku requires no subscription and that it has the ability to track your baby’s breathing without any contact. It has strong privacy and security settings in that it is the only Wifi baby monitor that transmits data locally.

With its really sleek design, we think that Miku is comparable to all the high-end smart baby monitors in the market and it really excels in the privacy and security arena that many baby monitors aren’t addressing enough.