Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Nanit Complete Monitor System – $379.97
Nanit Plus Baby Monitor (Wall Mount) – $299.99
Nanit Plus Baby Monitor (Floor Stand) – $379.99

What is Nanit Plus?
Nanit Plus is one of the best baby monitors out in the market and has shown to integrate customers’ feedback into their newest version, introducing a few new features in this update. This is telling and gives you an idea of how much research and development is done on the baby monitor.

Simply said, Nanit Plus is an all in one smart baby monitor. It has one of the clearest HD video quality (comparable to Nest camera), sleep tracking & analytics, night vision, temperature & humidity sensors and, 2-way audio amongst other features.

Nanit Plus sends you personalized sleep recommendations which are created in partnership with expert advice from Pediatricians. This makes all the sleeping analytics really powerful for parents who want to optimize their baby’s sleep.

You can even connect it to Alexa and asked how your baby slept last night. Nanit Plus is the baby monitor that truly gives parents everything they need to know about their baby and fully utilizes technology to achieve that.

P.S. For parents who are not interested in all these advanced technologies and still want a powerful yet simpler baby monitor setup, we recommend you to check out Eufy Baby Monitor.

New Features that are rolled out in the latest update

Even though Nanit is pretty new in the market and first launched in 2018, it had already received praised by many. Times Magazine called it “one of the best inventions of 2018”. Nanit was built to focus heavily on sleep-tracking and analytics, amongst many other bells and whistles which made it a smart baby monitor.

One of the things that were lacking in the original version is the ability to communicate with your baby through the camera. Coupled with the updates, Nanit Plus included the 2-way talk option into the camera. A parent can now press a button in Nanit Plus and quickly soothe their baby with their voices.

Next, on top of lullabies, Nanit Plus added white noise and natural sounds. This gives you a greater range of sounds to test and soothe your baby in case one of the options doesn’t work as well. This is good to have feature.

Also, the updated baby monitor now gives you the ability to invite and connect multiple parties, with the ability to adjust individual permission levels. This is crucial especially if you are sharing temporary access to your babysitter or friends and don’t want them to have 24/7 access to video and audio.

Other than these 3 new features, Nanit Plus looks exactly like the original version in terms of packaging and product design. So for those who aren’t interested in the upgraded features mentioned, you can consider the older Nanit model which is cheaper.

Excellent Video and Audio Quality

Nanit Plus has an excellent picture and audio quality with its 1280X960 resolution camera (Almost doubled in the resolution of most baby monitors, except iBaby Care M7 & at 1080p). You will be able to get a smooth streaming experience of your video as long as you are connected to the Internet or through Wifi. This also gives you the luxury to stream it remotely or share access with others with their advanced permission settings.

It has LED bulbs that give you high-quality night vision and video quality that doesn’t suffer when you zoom in and out on your phone. Also, for Nanit Plus to gain a bird’s eye view of your baby and track sleep analytics properly, it doesn’t allow you to remotely pan or tilt.

However, the unobstructed view of your baby when it is either wall-mounted or through a floor stand with its excellent video quality gives you everything you need to observe in your baby.

How to install Nanit Plus (Wall Mount & Floor Stand)

Included in the box are the tools and plastics which allow you to mark out the location of the holes in your baby’s room and drill Nanit Plus’s camera into the wall. You will have to adjust and make sure that the camera is overlooking the entire crib and shifted right in the middle.

There is no orientation to change the view between portrait and landscape so do adjust it properly.

The wall mount has a plastic cover that manages the cables neatly on the inside, which is safe for your little ones with their “wandering” hands.

Once the wall mount is put in place, you can easily attach Nanit Plus’s camera unit and get it to work.

Is Nanit Plus Portable?

Yes, you can also detach the camera and bring it with you while traveling. You will require a separate multi stand that is sold at $49.

Do note that when using the multi stand, you will not get the bird’s eye view (which gives you access to the sleep tracking & Insights feature). You are still able to see and hear your baby’s movement. The multi stand comes with an 8-inch cord, which makes it easy to plug in any power source.

Also, if you are not in favor of drilling holes into your wall, you can select the floor stand option during your purchase. The floor stand comes with 2 “legs” which is supposed to slide nicely under the crib with support from the wall.

How high to mount Nanit Plus?

It is recommended to clear at least 6 inches of space for the installation of Nanit Plus, so parents who want to hand frames or objects will need to position it 6 inches and above.

How to use Nanit Plus User-Friendly App/Parent Unit

Nanit Plus has one of the most intuitive and sleek user interfaces. You can easily download the app in Android or ios. It has a really straightforward onboarding process for parents.

You have these tabs available to you: Live View, Activity Tracker, Insights Dashboard, Inbox, and Settings.

With the live View tab, you are able to view your baby full screen in HD camera. You can then choose the option to play a lullaby, turn on the night light or take a snapshot of your baby. You can also track the room’s humidity and temperature.

An awesome feature of Nanit Plus is that unlike other wifi baby monitors that use your phone as the parent unit, it has VOX feature which allows makes it work even when your phone screen is off. The app is able to run in the background quietly.

You can also save on battery usage by listening only to the sounds of your baby with your screen off.

The Activity Tracker tab tracks all of your baby’s movements through the camera. It shows you video summaries of your baby’s sleep at night so that you can check in the morning on their sleep on the previous night. With the standard Nanit subscription, you will be able to view the activity history for 30 days before it is cleared. (Nanit unlimited subscription allows you to keep the activity history forever for an additional $200, which seems a little unrequired)

The Insights Dashboard shows you 4 sleep metrics:
How much sleep time did your baby get?
What time did they sleep?
How many times did you approach their crib?
Sleep efficiency score

It is a cool and easy way to see how your baby is sleeping from day to day and gain insights into their sleep.

The Inbox tab is where you get individualized recommendations on how to help your baby sleep better. The partnership with Pediatricians coupled with the app analytics creates these sleep efficiency recommendations. It helps to have targeted information that parents can apply, knowing that it is based on sound medical advice.

Finally, the Settings tab is where you access all of the settings, where you first set up your camera which requires you to identify the crib’s area to be tracked by the motion sensor. You will be able to adjust the permission levels and direct who to share your camera view with. Do remember to adjust the notifications level as the app might be alerting you to every movement. Play around with the settings to determine your ideal notification level.

Nanit Insights Subscription

You can use Nanit Plus without Nanit Insights, but that would be stripping this baby monitor of its biggest feature. The standard Nanit Insights subscription cost $100/year and the unlimited subscription cost $300/year. The main difference lies in the sleeping activity history, 30 days vs. keeping it forever.

There are workarounds with the standard subscription. You can easily download the images and videos and keep it without incurring additional costs through the unlimited subscription.

What’s cool about Nanit Insights is that it uses machine learning and complex algorithms to analyze your baby’s sleep patterns and efficiency. This information is then pulled together along with many other babies’ sleep patterns data to create usable analysis and makes the personalized recommendations really effective. The more data it collects, the better it becomes.

Do note that these data and analytics on your baby’s sleeping patterns are being collected (you can’t opt-out of it yet). However, it becomes anonymous and stripped of your baby’s personal information when it is taken together with other baby’s analytics. This information then feeds into the machine learning algorithm and allows it to generate effective insights.

Can Nanit Plus be hacked?

As Nanit Plus is using your Wifi connection to stream the audio/video of your baby, it can be more vulnerable to hacking as compared to radio baby monitors. However, they did work on securing their device by using a 256-bit encryption and 2 factor authentication, which keeps your data private and harder to hack.

Is Nanit Plus HSA or FSA Eligible?

Nanit Plus Complete Monitoring System and all Nanit Breathable products is HSA/FSA eligible.

Is Nanit Plus Worth It?

To conclude, Nanit Plus is worth it if you are concerned with your baby’s sleeping patterns and activities and want the analytics and personalized recommendations to further improve your baby’s sleep.

The sleek and simple user interface coupled with strong features makes it a really smart baby monitor that gets parents. The continual support and new feature updates only serve to show their commitment in making Nanit Plus the best baby monitor out there in the market.

The final choice boils down to you making use of their Insights and personalized recommendations. If you want a really smart baby monitor, Nanit Plus fits the bill.

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