Samsung SEW-3043W Review

By Erika Holme

NOTE: Samsung SEW-3043W had been discontinued in production. Samsung SEW-3057WN is an improved version with the option to use either the app or the parent unit to monitor your baby. You can check out Samsung SEW-3057N here.

The beauty of Samsung technology is its mobile phone screens. You will see that Samsung SEW-3043W has that 5-inch touch screen display that is one of its product highlights. The screen’s resolution is at 720p, which gives you clarity in the video feed of your baby.

However, SEW-3043W does not have an adequate range, especially when you are in a bigger house with more obstacles or walls in between. Also, the touch screen display probably drains the battery life faster as compared to other baby monitors, which can be frustrating to parents.

This is not a cheap model and has a high price tag to it. For what it is worth, you can probably get better value, signal strength and battery life with Eufy Spaceview.

Image & Audio Quality

You get a 720p camera resolution which provides excellent video quality. Its 5-inch touch screen display is easy to use. It has good audio quality as well, which can pick up noises or sounds clearly from the baby room. It has infrared night vision which automatically switches between day and night time when it detects dim light.

Samsung SEW-3043W has VOX function activated, which will alert you when they pick up noises from your baby room even when the screen is off. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of VOX function to ensure that you are picking up noises that require your attention.

You can easily pair up to 3 additional cameras on top of your original camera. This is useful for families with multiple children in multiple rooms.

Signal Strength

We are not a big fan of its signal strength as mentioned based on our tests. In open field, manufacturers claim that it can reach up to 800 feet. But based on our testing, it can only reach up to around 80 feet with all the walls and obstacles in between. Parents with bigger houses will struggle with the signal strength of SEW-3043W.

2 way talk function

Samsung SEW-3043W has 2 way talk function which allows parents to communicate with their babies without being in the baby room. It worked fine and our baby is able to hear us clearly without much noise and background interference. Simply press and hold on the microphone icon on the touch screen to talk.

Battery Life

Samsung SEW-3043W is a real battery drainer, probably due to its touch screen display. It takes you about 4-5 hours for the batteries to be fully charged. When it is not plugged into the power source, you can probably run for 3-4 hours, which is really short compared to other baby monitors. You can probably use it for up to 5-6 hours with the screen off, which isn’t that long as well.


Samsung SEW-3043W uses an encrypted FHSS radio signal, which makes it harder for hackers to hack as compared to Wifi baby monitors. Hackers will have to be of local proximity and decode the encryption before they can get to it.


As it is using a 2.4GHz wireless connection, it does emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) which can be harmful to babies. To protect your child, do place the baby monitor 6 feet away from your baby. Also, the parent unit does emit EMF as well. So keep it at least 3 feet away from you when you are sleeping at night. If you are interested in the radiation of baby monitors, you can check out this article.

The Verdict

Samsung SEW-3043W has a 5-inch touch screen display which makes it easy for parents to monitor their babies. It has all the essential features like the ability to connect multiple cameras, remote pan, tilt and zoom, lullabies, room temperature etc.

What we didn’t like is its signal strength and battery life, which at this premium price it should be a given. If you are looking for similar features with better signal strength and battery life, you can consider Eufy Spaceview.