VAVA Baby Monitor Review

By Erika Holme

Today, it isn’t too difficult to find a cheap baby monitor. But upon searching online, you will soon realize that most of these cheap baby monitors have a terrible camera and audio quality. VAVA is probably the best budget baby monitor out that is under $150 and has a good image and audio quality.

It has a good range and can go up to 950 feet. Parents can easily plug and play VAVA, which is attractive to parents who do not want to deal with complicated setups. VAVA’s camera doesn’t have the design touches of the premium brands but it certainly doesn’t look ugly.

Parents who can up their budget can consider Eufy, as it is slightly more expensive but has features that VAVA lacks. If not, VAVA is perfect for parents looking for a budget baby monitor.

General Review

So upon unboxing VAVA, parents can simply plug and play the camera. What you get is a 720p camera with a 5 inch display.

The first impression while unboxing VAVA is that it kinda looks premium, which is interesting considering its budget price.

While diving straight into the parent unit, you will soon find that it can’t play lullabies. It is an important feature for certain parents who need lullabies or white noises to soothe their babies to sleep. However, for a lot of parents, this isn’t that important a feature.

There are 4 buttons on the parent unit: Menu, Zoom, Autopilot/OK, and Talk. I couldn’t find the volume buttons as I meddle quite a bit with VAVA’s volume depending on where I am within my house. So to do that, I have to on the parent unit’s screen, press Menu, and then navigate to the volume options before I can adjust the volume. It might be a small inconvenience to some parents.

Audio/Picture Quality

As mentioned, VAVA has a 720p camera resolution. 720p is definitely not the 1080p quality that you will get with higher-end baby monitors but it is clear enough even when you zoom in and out. However, if you are comparing within the budget baby monitors, VAVA and together with Eufy, has one of the best camera resolutions.

It has a 5-inch display parent unit, which is big enough to have a good user experience. VAVA works well in the day and in dim light conditions as well.

Camera Installations

It is easy to install and mount VAVA’s camera. You can easily place it on a shelf in your baby’s room or you can mount it onto a tripod stand. Parents have a choice to add an additional wide-angle lens to get a second wider view of your baby room. However, many parents find the default lens to be working just as well.

You can easily add on multiple cameras to the parent unit too if you want to monitor multiple kids in different rooms.


VAVA uses an encrypted FHSS signal which means that it has lessened the chances of being hacked.
For someone to hack via Wifi connection would require them to be within proximity of signal and to decrypt your secured signal.


VAVA uses wireless 2.4GHz FHSS connection which means that the baby monitor emits EMF to receive video and audio feed. Do read our article on the radiation of baby monitor to understand fully

Place the baby monitor at least 6 feet away from the baby to be safe.

The Verdict

VAVA baby monitor is the best budget baby monitor you can find that is under $150. It is valued for money for parents who wants a good image and audio quality without spending a lot. VAVA is easy to setup, which means parents can plug and play without fuss.

Although lacking in certain features like lullabies, VOX mode and night light, VAVA does the job and has a functional camera that looks the part of a baby monitor. Check out Eufy if you can stretch your budget.